Thursday, June 9, 2016

Age Gracefully

This is story that happened with me and I have just changed few names to maintain privacy of the person.

It was a party at ICC and I was enjoying. One old looking lady may be in her 65 + age with couple of friends bumped in to me. I did not know anyone of them. 

So this lady named Savita in this story stopped by me and asked me are you Jagruti from Pravasvani. 

I said yes. 
She said do you know Roger? (Changed the name of the person) 
Being it sudden I said no. 
Her next sentence was are you sure? 

And I really did not know who Roger was. Then she said he works with you in Pravasvani. And I remembered that one person has been coming to help the station lately his name is Roger. He once came when I was doing 10.00 PM show to do maintenance. 

Then I said yes I know him. And here she goes.. Why are you pretending that you do not know him, are you not dating him? I never knew what to say. But I was actually amused at this woman's guts and immaturity too. I just said not that I know of. But if you think I am and then may be.

I managed to click her picture in my camera. I managed to get Roger's phone no. and called him that I have heard I am dating you. His reaction was "I wish I could". Anyways everything closed and we laughed. I sent the picture of the lady to him and he also did not recollect. 

This lady happened to meet me at an event after couple months. I immediately recognized her and first thing I asked "IS BAAR KAUN DATE KAR RAHA HAI?" And she tried to avoid me. Again I went to her when she had some young couple with her. I actually confronted her raising my voice "Who gives you right to talk about us and ruin our reputation?" The young couple turned out to be her Son and Daughter in Law. Son jumped in saying what happened. I explained him what happened. It was such a embarrassing moment for both. They apologized and left. 

The reason I wrote this blog is.. When you grow old you need to grow old with grace.
 It is difficult to accept aging but at the same time when you thought your Kids behaviors reflects on you.. Your behavior reflects on your Kids. 
Your age has an experience and maturity, use it for productive purposes. 
Do some creative work rather than behaving that makes you look stupid. 
Every time your behavior can not be excused for your age.
It is time to set an example for Grand Kids, not embarrass them with your behavior. 
It is painful to see our elders getting our of control for egos, attention, frustration. Age gracefully, earn respect. 

Think about the Kids when they receive your complaints for that age!!!!!

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