Thursday, June 9, 2016

Being Woman

This is my thought about being a woman... When I was a kid my father supported me to learn swimming. When they saw me packing swim suits they told my father "You need to control your daughter" You should not ALLOW her with so much of freedom." My husband manier times faces verbal diarrhea of society saying how do you manage her? Why can you not control her? I definitely take it as complement as they agree that they can not handle my personality. But to their surprise after all this, my father, my husband and my son just tell me, that they love me and looks like you are doing well for yourself. These are the men who treat the woman the way they are supposed to, disturbing the men of society who do not think the woman need to be treated equal. After the Stanford incidence I feel so disgusted with the statement of the father of rapist. And I thank god that I met Man who respected me as woman all along. I wish someone tells that girl a Meerabhai Bhajan.. Keep fighting we are with you. Dogs will bark and only thing they can do is bark. This is for all the people who bark at me or at all the woman who are struggling for their rights 'BHARI BAJAR MAAN HATHI CHALYO JAAY RANA SHWAN BHASE CHHE EMA HATHI NE SHUN THAY RANA"

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