Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I am very hard on myself. I am very sure that I am walking guilty book. Practice what you preach is something we say, we advice and we expect people to do. How many times you do it?

This is a confession of a something I did, in spite of some one treating me same and I was hurt, How could I behave that way?

Some close friends let us name them as, Dheeraj, Meera, Amit and Sohini. They managed to create a misunderstanding. To come to clean to each other they found me as an easy scape goat.They decided to go on a power trip and came to my house to display a  very low level of character. Somehow they did not plan properly and the whole act bounced back on them.

Somehow we all behave like high school kids somewhere and sometimes. We all need to agree that.

So these guys on power trip abused their power and started preventing me to go to events, making it conditional for others not to invite me.

Let us name this character as Vijay, who is so called politician of Bay Area. I was to Emcee his show and was helping to organize his show, Vijay comes to my house with his wife and says Dheeraj asked him not to make me a part of the event, so please do not come. They are very powerful people and I need them. Please understand as friend and do not come. He did not return 200 $s that I gave as donation though,

Pretty sad incident and I was hurt. I decided not to do this to anyone. I will not succumb to pressure ever and will not treat anyone the way I was treated,


While arranging the first Voice of Bay Area the emotions were high, the energy was at peak. Was looking for judges. Invited and spoke to lots of people. So basically finalized some. My son used to learn Piano from a teacher let us name him as Satish Chopra. So I come across this music teacher who is senior citizen and well respected. Let call her as Archana Gupta. Archana Gupta is well known singer and comes out to be very caring person.

I sent out communication to all the shortlisted judges including Satish Chopra and Archana Gupta for availability. Archana Gupta confirms but not Satish Chopra. After a week Archana happens to ask the rest of the panel for judges. The moment she comes to know that Satish Chopra has been invited she goes ballistic. She freeked out and it was like how could I dare to invite Satish Chopra.

And then I hear couple hours lecture from Archana Gupta, about Mr. Satish Chopra, how he was bad to her ex husband. So somehow I derived that she will not judge if Mr. Satish Chopra comes in as a judge. And she went schizophrenic on phone.


And I dropped the idea of having Satish Chopra on judging panel. Anyways I did same as someone did to me. Only thing I could feel better was Satish Chopra never returned back my message as he was not well and he did not read it.

Now again Archana Gupta tried to block him saying he can not be in same room as hers. She wanted to sponsor next show with condition that Mr. Satish Chopra is blocked from coming.

I could not sleep with stress that I did something bad under someone's pressure. So now decided to drop people like Archana Gupta from life so I could have more blissful life...

Never succumb to pressure from anyone and do injustice...

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  1. Candid confessions are always treat to read! Keep writing regularly . . . Readers will really enjoy good writing.

    Harish Dave Ahmedabad